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A portion of Fashion Flair Bazaar’s sales are contributed to the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project!

We are extremely grateful for Ferrouz Bousselma and that she has done and continues to do. Zimbabwe has been such a success.


To read her trip to Zimbabwe and her journey with BBALP, click here.
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Luis Negro’s post about Bisila at the Empretec Awards

Sede de Naciones Unidas en Ginebra (Suiza): 15 de octubre.-// Bisila Bokoko fue la presentadora de la entrega de premios anual que la ONU otorga a los diez mejores proyectos empresariales llevados a cabo por mujeres.

Bisila Bokoko, empresaria española de origen guineoecuatoriano, ejerció el pasado 15 de octubre –junto al popular presentador de la Radio-Televisión Suiza, Olivier Dominik–, de maestra de ceremonias en la IV edición de entrega de premios “Emprtec Women in Bussines Awards”, que tuvo lugar en la Sala XX del Palacio de las Naciones, de Ginebra (Suiza), sede europea de Naciones Unidas.

Bisila Bokoko es muy conocida en el ámbito empresarial de Europa, África y América, por ser la directora de la empresa BBES –Bisila Bokoko Embassy Services–; asimismo, Bisila Bokoko es la embajadora del “Teatro Liceu” de Barcelona en Nueva York, y presidenta de la fundación BBALP, filantrópico proyecto creado por ella en 2012 con el objetivo de impulsar la construcción de bibliotecas en diversos países de África, destinadas, principalmente, a la formación en la lectura de las niñas, niños y jóvenes con menos recursos económicos.

Iniciativa pionera de la ONU para la promoción de empresas
“Empretec Women in Business Awards –E-WBA– (“Premios Empretec a la mujer emprendedora”) es un certamen internacional, de carácter bianual destinado a premiar a los tres mejores proyectos empresariales puestos en marcha por mujeres en diversos países del mundo. EMPRETEC (Proyecto Mundial de la ONU para la Formación de Personas Emprendedoras), es una iniciativa pionera de la UNCTAD (“United Nations Commerce Trade and Developpement”), orientado a enseñar a personas con iniciativa, de los cinco continentes, las habilidades empresariales necesarias para que puedan desarrollar sus propios negocios.

El programa Empretec se inició en 1988 bajo el liderazgo de la UNCTAD y sus socios y donantes son de carácter público y privado, incluidos los Gobiernos de Finlandia, Alemania, Italia, Países Bajos y España. A lo largo de su historia, el programa EMPRETEC ha contado con más de 600 formadores titulados que han capacitado a más de 340.000 empresarios en 36 países en vías de desarrollo y de economía emergente, principalmente de Hispanoamérica, África, Oriente Medio y Asia.

Asimismo Empretec tiene por objetivo la estimulación de alianzas entre los sectores público y privado de la economía de los Estados, así como el establecimiento de unas relaciones fluidas entre ellos.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Bisila Bokko y la empresaria jordana ganadora del certamen

Grand Gala Benefit at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid

Madrid, Spain (14 November 2014) The Rotary Club Madrid Velazquez International District 2201 has a gala benefit this evening at the Hotel Ritz, in which, seamstress and designer Amparo Chorda will be showing the debut collection of Amparo & Bisila. There will also be leather designs by Lina Lavin and jewelry by Yanes.

The Rotary is composed of one million two hundred thousand members, among which you’ll find to neighbors, friends and community leaders, united to drive changes to improve the life in the town itself and the whole world.

Depending on attendance, this will be the determining factor of future collaboration of the Grand Rotary Gala Benefit.

When creating haute couture, Spanish fashion designer Amparo Chorda, knows that skilled needlework and the love of the craft are the only ways to truly capture the feminine form. She also recognizes that clothing goes well beyond the threads and projects an attitude and approach that is essentially the fabric of life.

Together, Amparo and Bisila live and breathe the idea of dressing the real woman of the 21st century. This collection represents the old times of elegance, and is directly approaching the average woman, who attends events and wants to be sophisticated and comfortable in her own body. The key point is intemporal elegance for all.

For more information about Amparo & Bisila, you can contact us via email or telephone.

(Tel) 347-374-8259

Amparo & Bisila

UNITED AGAINST EBOLA Benefit – Friday, December 5, 2014

MacDella Cooper Foundation


Hosted by Matt Dillon, Bonnie Young, Hans Humes, MacDella Cooper and the Host Committee including: Ali Hughes, Georgie Badiel, Josie Gardiner, Mamamdou Niang, Miata Jones, Siamanda Chege, Vel Mensah and Jesper Lannung.

Live Music, Fashion Show, Cocktails, Dinner, and Dance

Please click the link below for tickets and more information.
United Against Ebola Benefit Hosted by Matt Dillon, Bonnie Young, Hans Humes & MacDella Cooper


The Sunday Mail: Zim plagued by warped perceptions

“Zimbabwe is failing to attract meaningful investment from the West owing to negative perceptions and lack of branding, a New York-based business woman told senior management of various local companies in Harare last week.

Chief executive and founder of the Bisila Bokoko Africa Literacy Project (BBALP) Ms Bisila Bokoko said these problems affected most African countries.

Zimbabwe’s continued failure to market its culture globally is sustaining the warped view of the country as driven by the Western media, she said, pointing out that the United States remain unaware of what investment opportunities abounded here.

“I have been meeting with young people and exchanging ideas and I have learnt a lot about the country now. . . The economic performance might not be good but what matters is the mindset and attitude.”

“What Zimbabwe needs is to tell its story out there; they (investors) do not know about the country and have no view of the continent at all,” Ms Bokoko said in an interview after the meeting hosted by the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ).”

Read more here from The Sunday Mail.

Article by Enacy Mapakame

BH24: Bokoko to invest in Zimbabwe tourism

Founder and chairperson of the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP), and former executive director of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in New York, Bisila Bokoko says she is considering investing in the country’s tourism industry as it has a lot of potential to prosper.

Speaking at the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe meeting on strategies to enter international markets this morning, Bokoko, who has been in the country for the past week said she has had successful meetings which she would like to follow up when she comes back to Zimbabwe.

“I think I am still exploring some areas but tourism would be a potential area that I would focus my interest and of course social work, I am happy working here with my philanthropic work. Through tourism you can get to have a lot of investment.

“I have been meeting with young entrepreneurs, designers and my impression of this country keeps improving. Zimbabweans actually don’t know how much potential they have. The level of professionalism and enthusiasm is high,” she said.

Besides the literacy foundation from which Zimbabwe has already benefited, Bokoko has interests in the wine making and shoe industry all over the world.

She said the problem with Zimbabwe is the lack of a clear marketing strategy to attract partners into the sectors that need funding.

“The problem is that Zimbabweans needs to be more out there, to market themselves so that people understand more what you have to offer and people will be more willing to really team up with you and do something. I believe that people don’t have knowledge about what Africa has to offer and Africa hasn’t marketed itself as a whole, it is not just a Zimbabwean problem but it’s an African problem. Africa knows what’s going on in Europe but we don’t know what’s going on in Africa,” she said.

She said money should not always be the limitation as a lot of the successful people started from scratch.

“The economy’s restraints should not stop you because you have your brains and sometimes you cannot do things alone. Most of the successful cases, we have someone who has the capital and someone with the mindset,” she added.

IODZ chairperson Eve Gadzikwa said Zimbabwe should learn from Bokmoko’s experience and formulate a new strategy for doing business.

“In Zimbabwe we have many SMEs and what they are just looking for is a market to sell their products. But we allow ourselves to be limited by the borders. We create these limitations for ourselves. Unless we market ourselves the partners will not come to us. So we need to create a good positive brand image, marketing our country positively to the rest of the world. For a long time Zimbabwe has been isolated but we need to reverse that and get our economy running,” she said.


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