STANDSEVEN’s Jewels for Water Trunk Show Reception – June 3rd

On JUNE 3RD, StandSeven is hosting a trunk show at Omar’s in NYC presenting the Jewels for Water collection.

The JEWELS FOR WATER jewelry collection works on the premise, that for every piece that is purchased, a water filter will be provided in areas desperately needing clean water. They are distributed by our partner Waves For Water, which has given access to clean water to 8 million people worldwide.

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StandSeven Jewels for Water Invitation

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Check out Bisila’s new post, Endings with magical beginnings: From corporate to entrepreneurship.

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I believe we all are architects of our own future. Nonetheless, surrounding yourself with people you admire, inspire and care about – in and out of your field to help you build a strong foundation is key to success. Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely road and a strong support system to rely on through your high and lows will make you more comfortable with the idea that as challenging as they may be, endings can be magical beginnings.

Bisila Bokoko Embodies The Essence of Modern Girl Power Ahead of International Women’s Day

Ladies across the globe have been quick to embrace a new role model as Bisila Bokoko continues to inspire, motivate and empower. As a businesswoman, award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, brand ambassador, fashionista and mother, the Afro-Spaniard femme fatale is at the vanguard of a worldwide woman’s movement – and she hopes to inspire even more women throughout March thanks to International Women’s Day.

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BBES’s Newest Client, Ethically Impacting StandSeven

Ikena Carreira and Tamaryn White

(New York, NY) – BBES International would like to welcome their new London based client, StandSeven, which sells exclusive creations by renowned artists, designers, and architects, as well as smaller, handmade items that are available in limited quantities.

The idea is to sell products with a positive social impact, and the minds that created it are Ikena Carreira and Tamaryn White. They have roots in documentary film, interior design and independent business, sharing a passion for artisan made products, a spirit in freedom fighting and off the grid communities, as well as a shared vision to bridge worlds. They work with master artisans in Bosnia, Kenya, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Belize, Mauritania, Angola, France, and the UK, amongst others.

StandSeven Product1 StandSeven Product2

StandSeven is new place to shop for beautiful homeware, fashion and jewelry, health and beauty and baby products. For example, one week they may sell gorgeous wooden toys that have been handmade in Sri Lanka, the next a handbag that has been stitched by an artisan in Brazil.

StandSeven strongly believes that design and aesthetics, and positive social or ethical impact do not need to be mutually exclusive. It offers customers the opportunity to buy fantastic, beautiful products for their home and lifestyle, that not only are ‘no harm’ but that also do positive good. People can shop and feel good at the same time. They offer complete transparency with their products, telling the story behind the products, about the incredible people, artisans and designers that work so diligently.

“Making significant, measureable change. Design can change the world.”


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Bisila is now a blogger on Huffington Post Blog.

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Bisila talks about BBALP and how the project got started.

“There is a serious need to build infrastructure to empower people though education, health, and medicine. I was inspired to work on increasing the supply of something very close to my heart: Books!”

Bisila Bokoko’s Success Secrets By Moffat Machingura

“I should explain why this pretty lady, Bisila, so deeply captured my attention the first time I saw her. Firstly, of course she is stunningly attractive. Secondly, she is intriguingly intelligent. Her life story testifies that beauty and brains can co-exist in a single soul.

When I first saw Bisila Bokoko at Empretec Zimbabwe (28 October 2014) I had the longest question I could ever ask anyone.

How did an Equatorial Guinea woman having grown up in Spain manage to win the Ghana title of Queen Development of Kokofu; and became the only woman of African descent to serve as the Executive Director of the Spain Chamber of Commerce in New York; study Law and Economics at University; Take a Masters in International Relations; Start Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project and be listed among the top ten Hispanic women with most influence in the United States…all by the age of 40???

I am sure you now understand how my infatuation for Bisila is totally justified!

I listened to her with both my ears open, and my eyes too continued to read her lips. I handled this first time as dearly as though it would be the only chance.

Today on I share the Success Secrets that made Bisila Bokoko’s life prove that being an African woman should never be a disadvantage.

  1. Bisila Secret: “You have got to visualize yourself being who you want to be.”

Moffat Comments:

To break away from the past, the future you imagine must be more vivid than the past you remember. Your imagination fuels your desire, and desire is the energy that propels us into the future.

The first step to being who you want to be is knowing clearly who you want and don’t want to be. Take time to close your eyes, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of this hectic world, and ask yourself: Who exactly do I want to be? What story do I want my life to write?

Like Bisila says: You have got to visualize yourself being who you want to be.

  1. Bisila Secret: “You have got to tell yourself that you are going to be international. In everything you do, say ‘I am going to be global’”

Moffat Comments

Always think globally even when you are still acting locally. Only compete with the top ten of the world’s finest competitors in your field. Always ask yourself if the top brands in my industry where to come to establish in my region, how would I give them a hard time? it is this global mindset that will stretch you beyond local action.”

You can read the rest of Moffat’s comments on his blog. Click here!

Femme d’Afrique Magazine Interview – Jan 2015

Bisila Bokoko, feminine inspiration
“Leadership does not mean command, but inspire”

Born in 1970 in Valencia, Spain, Bisila Bokoko whose parents are from Malabo, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, has, for several years lived in New York in the USA. She is the mother of two. Bisila Bokoko, a Spanish of Equatorial Guinean descent, is a perfect model of the modern international woman: enterprising, well-educated with university degree, a good command of languages, fluent in English and French; TV presenter in the United States, a program dedicated to gastronomy (Foodie Channel); enterprising, having launched a few years ago her own company -BBES, dedicated to promoting trade relations between Spain, Latin America and Africa; and she is very socially engaged woman. She works closely with EMPRETEC, a UN program to empower women in emerging and developing countries. She is president of the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project Foundation, a philanthropic project which aims to build libraries for children in Africa (cf. Femmes d’Afrique,
January 2014). Therefore one could say Bisila Bokoko is the prototype of a new generation of leaders: “leadership over heels”, in which the woman has a great influence in different spheres of power. We discussed this topic and many other ones with her.Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_1 Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_2 Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_3