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The Art of Inspired Living by STANDSEVEN: Bisila Bokoko Interview

Bisila Bokoko is a Spanish-American businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker and philanthropist. She is the founder and CEO of BBES, a New York-based business development agency that represents, promotes and markets brands internationally.

If you could have a historical figure for dinner, who would it be?

I would like to have Coco Channel and Nelson Mandela for dinner. I find Coco very inspirational as a woman and I believe she changed the way women feel in their clothes and her sense of indepence I admire it! Nelson Mandela is synonymous of deep compasionate love and forgiveness. I think I will enjoy ‎a great conversation with both!

What is your biggest temptation?

My partner in life.

Best recent travel?

South Africa, I was one month ago in Johannesburg and I enjoyed so much! It was very uplifting trip! I went to explore possibilities for the next BBALP location and it turn to be an amazing trip mostly because of the great people I met! I stayed at the Michelangelo Hotel in Mandela Square and they made my experience even better!

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Credits to STANDSEVEN.
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Bisila Bokoko Embodies The Essence of Modern Girl Power Ahead of International Women’s Day

Ladies across the globe have been quick to embrace a new role model as Bisila Bokoko continues to inspire, motivate and empower. As a businesswoman, award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, brand ambassador, fashionista and mother, the Afro-Spaniard femme fatale is at the vanguard of a worldwide woman’s movement – and she hopes to inspire even more women throughout March thanks to International Women’s Day.

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Bisila Bokoko’s Success Secrets By Moffat Machingura

“I should explain why this pretty lady, Bisila, so deeply captured my attention the first time I saw her. Firstly, of course she is stunningly attractive. Secondly, she is intriguingly intelligent. Her life story testifies that beauty and brains can co-exist in a single soul.

When I first saw Bisila Bokoko at Empretec Zimbabwe (28 October 2014) I had the longest question I could ever ask anyone.

How did an Equatorial Guinea woman having grown up in Spain manage to win the Ghana title of Queen Development of Kokofu; and became the only woman of African descent to serve as the Executive Director of the Spain Chamber of Commerce in New York; study Law and Economics at University; Take a Masters in International Relations; Start Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project and be listed among the top ten Hispanic women with most influence in the United States…all by the age of 40???

I am sure you now understand how my infatuation for Bisila is totally justified!

I listened to her with both my ears open, and my eyes too continued to read her lips. I handled this first time as dearly as though it would be the only chance.

Today on I share the Success Secrets that made Bisila Bokoko’s life prove that being an African woman should never be a disadvantage.

  1. Bisila Secret: “You have got to visualize yourself being who you want to be.”

Moffat Comments:

To break away from the past, the future you imagine must be more vivid than the past you remember. Your imagination fuels your desire, and desire is the energy that propels us into the future.

The first step to being who you want to be is knowing clearly who you want and don’t want to be. Take time to close your eyes, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of this hectic world, and ask yourself: Who exactly do I want to be? What story do I want my life to write?

Like Bisila says: You have got to visualize yourself being who you want to be.

  1. Bisila Secret: “You have got to tell yourself that you are going to be international. In everything you do, say ‘I am going to be global’”

Moffat Comments

Always think globally even when you are still acting locally. Only compete with the top ten of the world’s finest competitors in your field. Always ask yourself if the top brands in my industry where to come to establish in my region, how would I give them a hard time? it is this global mindset that will stretch you beyond local action.”

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Femme d’Afrique Magazine Interview – Jan 2015

Bisila Bokoko, feminine inspiration
“Leadership does not mean command, but inspire”

Born in 1970 in Valencia, Spain, Bisila Bokoko whose parents are from Malabo, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, has, for several years lived in New York in the USA. She is the mother of two. Bisila Bokoko, a Spanish of Equatorial Guinean descent, is a perfect model of the modern international woman: enterprising, well-educated with university degree, a good command of languages, fluent in English and French; TV presenter in the United States, a program dedicated to gastronomy (Foodie Channel); enterprising, having launched a few years ago her own company -BBES, dedicated to promoting trade relations between Spain, Latin America and Africa; and she is very socially engaged woman. She works closely with EMPRETEC, a UN program to empower women in emerging and developing countries. She is president of the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project Foundation, a philanthropic project which aims to build libraries for children in Africa (cf. Femmes d’Afrique,
January 2014). Therefore one could say Bisila Bokoko is the prototype of a new generation of leaders: “leadership over heels”, in which the woman has a great influence in different spheres of power. We discussed this topic and many other ones with her.Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_1 Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_2 Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_3

Interview with IJINLE AFRICA

Philanthropist Bisila Bokoko on Life in and out of the Boardroom
By Ijinle Africa

Bisila Bokoko is not only fierce and fabulous, she is a lady with a big heart and a passion for the African continent. She is a business woman who wears many hats, but close to her heart is her organization that promotes literacy and knowledge on the continent.

Where are you currently located?

My residence and headquarters are in New York City.  I also spend quite a long time traveling between Europe and Africa.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Valencia, Spain. My country of origin is Equatorial Guinea; both of my parents are from the country.

Educational background?

I studied Law in Spain (J.D equivalent). I have an MBA and a Master’s in International Relations.

Please provide a brief description of the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP)

BBALP is a non-profit, non-partisan international organization headquartered in New York with subsidiaries in Ghana, France, and Spain. The BBALP’s mission is to promote literacy among the African people building well equipped, modern and sustainable efficient libraries with the aim to share the gift of ideas and education with Africa.

Describe your role as the project’s founder and operator

We initially identify locations where we can build each library and then we design the whole project from the scratch or look for partnerships in the different countries we visit. I make sure that the communities are involved and understand that the library is for them. We help to build the library and provide the funds to get the shelves, painting, among other things. We train the librarians, and after three years, we expect the community to embrace the library as theirs and have it up and running. We also create strong relationships with the schools, the education administration and ministers who have always been very supportive of our work. We find the project managers to supervise the whole process and we have had successful outcomes to date.

The Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project is well known for its sustainable practices. What originally sparked this idea?

The idea of building libraries came to life after a trip I made in 2010 to the continent when I realized how much potential our African communities have, and how difficult it was to access books and proper education. It is true that education is not accessible to everyone in Africa; my view is that through books, we all receive knowledge to educate ourselves and be inspired. We also know that when we provide a library to the community, it shouldn’t be seen purely as a charitable effort. We see it as something that we build together and we help finance at the early stages. We organize each project with the aim that the community will understand its value, take care of it and make it grow. This is our purpose and philosophy.

Which countries can your operations be found?

We have libraries in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. We also have corporate partnerships in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Cameroon and South Africa.

What were you doing before the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project?

I always worked as a trade specialist and international business consultant linked to different government agencies in Spain.

What does a typical day running the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project look like?

I devote my time running BBALP and BBES (Bisila Bokoko Embassy Services International). Thirty percent of my time goes to BBALP, since with the resources from my work at BBES I allocate funding to my dream, which is my foundation. Part of the work we do involves networking, research, budget revision, strategic planning, all to ensure that we successfully reach our goal of building one library a year (which we have been able to achieve to date).

When you travel to the continent on assignment, how do you typically dress?

I like to dress comfortably and fashionably, promoting African designers when possible. I love Africa fashion and I like to wear clothes by up and coming African designers since I like to help make them known.

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Bisila at ZiFM Radio Station in Zimbabwe

During Bisila’s trip to Zimbabwe last October, she has seen and done so much, and been interviewed during her stay. At ZiFM, she talked about BBALP (Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project), business and philosophy with Zororo Makamba.

Zororo: ” … So in today’s world, what sort of books should young people should be looking to read?

Bisila: “Well I think, that definitely the classics, you could not miss them. I think that a lot of the philosophy and the things that happen in the world, to understand the world, you need to go back to the classics. So, I think there are certain books that the kids should read and the people should read. And.. Um.. ”

Zororo: “What are some of your favorite books? What are those classics? What comes to mind?”

Bisila: “Well, I love Plato. You know, I think that when you read the Republic of Plato, for example, there is a lot of knowledge in life that is involved in there, and also the mythology is also very important. So, I think philosophy and literature is very important because there are certain messages about life that are hidden in there. It’s hidden knowledge. And, I think nowadays, you talk about the self-help books, I think it’s also very important. Sometimes, I mean, one my favorite books is The Hero or the Magic of the Secret. It’s by the same author, Rhonda Byrne, and I believe that these books are good for the kids to get the self-confidence that they need. So, they are all in our libraries, because, even though, it is the knowledge that most people know, you should believe in yourself, that you should love yourself, that you should grateful about everything that happens in your life. I think that, in Africa, we have a problem to really be self-confident because we have been taken that away through colonization and many issues in the past. So, I think that we are the first ones who really know how great we are, we have to repeat ourselves, how great we are. And I think, these books sometimes help you see yourself in a different way. And everyone should get up in the morning and say how great I am and I could have it all. Because I believe also in the love abundance. Sometimes, we believe that we could not have it all. So, I believe that yes, we could. … ”

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Bisila with Zororo Makamba Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki
Bisila with Zororo Makamba
Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki
Bisila in front of ZiFM radio station. Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki
Bisila in front of ZiFM radio station.
Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki

Luis Negro’s post about Bisila at the Empretec Awards

Sede de Naciones Unidas en Ginebra (Suiza): 15 de octubre.-// Bisila Bokoko fue la presentadora de la entrega de premios anual que la ONU otorga a los diez mejores proyectos empresariales llevados a cabo por mujeres.

Bisila Bokoko, empresaria española de origen guineoecuatoriano, ejerció el pasado 15 de octubre –junto al popular presentador de la Radio-Televisión Suiza, Olivier Dominik–, de maestra de ceremonias en la IV edición de entrega de premios “Emprtec Women in Bussines Awards”, que tuvo lugar en la Sala XX del Palacio de las Naciones, de Ginebra (Suiza), sede europea de Naciones Unidas.

Bisila Bokoko es muy conocida en el ámbito empresarial de Europa, África y América, por ser la directora de la empresa BBES –Bisila Bokoko Embassy Services–; asimismo, Bisila Bokoko es la embajadora del “Teatro Liceu” de Barcelona en Nueva York, y presidenta de la fundación BBALP, filantrópico proyecto creado por ella en 2012 con el objetivo de impulsar la construcción de bibliotecas en diversos países de África, destinadas, principalmente, a la formación en la lectura de las niñas, niños y jóvenes con menos recursos económicos.

Iniciativa pionera de la ONU para la promoción de empresas
“Empretec Women in Business Awards –E-WBA– (“Premios Empretec a la mujer emprendedora”) es un certamen internacional, de carácter bianual destinado a premiar a los tres mejores proyectos empresariales puestos en marcha por mujeres en diversos países del mundo. EMPRETEC (Proyecto Mundial de la ONU para la Formación de Personas Emprendedoras), es una iniciativa pionera de la UNCTAD (“United Nations Commerce Trade and Developpement”), orientado a enseñar a personas con iniciativa, de los cinco continentes, las habilidades empresariales necesarias para que puedan desarrollar sus propios negocios.

El programa Empretec se inició en 1988 bajo el liderazgo de la UNCTAD y sus socios y donantes son de carácter público y privado, incluidos los Gobiernos de Finlandia, Alemania, Italia, Países Bajos y España. A lo largo de su historia, el programa EMPRETEC ha contado con más de 600 formadores titulados que han capacitado a más de 340.000 empresarios en 36 países en vías de desarrollo y de economía emergente, principalmente de Hispanoamérica, África, Oriente Medio y Asia.

Asimismo Empretec tiene por objetivo la estimulación de alianzas entre los sectores público y privado de la economía de los Estados, así como el establecimiento de unas relaciones fluidas entre ellos.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Bisila Bokko y la empresaria jordana ganadora del certamen

Grand Gala Benefit at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid

Madrid, Spain (14 November 2014) The Rotary Club Madrid Velazquez International District 2201 has a gala benefit this evening at the Hotel Ritz, in which, seamstress and designer Amparo Chorda will be showing the debut collection of Amparo & Bisila. There will also be leather designs by Lina Lavin and jewelry by Yanes.

The Rotary is composed of one million two hundred thousand members, among which you’ll find to neighbors, friends and community leaders, united to drive changes to improve the life in the town itself and the whole world.

Depending on attendance, this will be the determining factor of future collaboration of the Grand Rotary Gala Benefit.

When creating haute couture, Spanish fashion designer Amparo Chorda, knows that skilled needlework and the love of the craft are the only ways to truly capture the feminine form. She also recognizes that clothing goes well beyond the threads and projects an attitude and approach that is essentially the fabric of life.

Together, Amparo and Bisila live and breathe the idea of dressing the real woman of the 21st century. This collection represents the old times of elegance, and is directly approaching the average woman, who attends events and wants to be sophisticated and comfortable in her own body. The key point is intemporal elegance for all.

For more information about Amparo & Bisila, you can contact us via email or telephone.

(Tel) 347-374-8259

Amparo & Bisila