BBES’s Newest Client, Ethically Impacting StandSeven

Ikena Carreira and Tamaryn White

(New York, NY) – BBES International would like to welcome their new London based client, StandSeven, which sells exclusive creations by renowned artists, designers, and architects, as well as smaller, handmade items that are available in limited quantities.

The idea is to sell products with a positive social impact, and the minds that created it are Ikena Carreira and Tamaryn White. They have roots in documentary film, interior design and independent business, sharing a passion for artisan made products, a spirit in freedom fighting and off the grid communities, as well as a shared vision to bridge worlds. They work with master artisans in Bosnia, Kenya, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Belize, Mauritania, Angola, France, and the UK, amongst others.

StandSeven Product1 StandSeven Product2

StandSeven is new place to shop for beautiful homeware, fashion and jewelry, health and beauty and baby products. For example, one week they may sell gorgeous wooden toys that have been handmade in Sri Lanka, the next a handbag that has been stitched by an artisan in Brazil.

StandSeven strongly believes that design and aesthetics, and positive social or ethical impact do not need to be mutually exclusive. It offers customers the opportunity to buy fantastic, beautiful products for their home and lifestyle, that not only are ‘no harm’ but that also do positive good. People can shop and feel good at the same time. They offer complete transparency with their products, telling the story behind the products, about the incredible people, artisans and designers that work so diligently.

“Making significant, measureable change. Design can change the world.”


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