Femme d’Afrique Magazine Interview – Jan 2015

Bisila Bokoko, feminine inspiration
“Leadership does not mean command, but inspire”

Born in 1970 in Valencia, Spain, Bisila Bokoko whose parents are from Malabo, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, has, for several years lived in New York in the USA. She is the mother of two. Bisila Bokoko, a Spanish of Equatorial Guinean descent, is a perfect model of the modern international woman: enterprising, well-educated with university degree, a good command of languages, fluent in English and French; TV presenter in the United States, a program dedicated to gastronomy (Foodie Channel); enterprising, having launched a few years ago her own company -BBES, dedicated to promoting trade relations between Spain, Latin America and Africa; and she is very socially engaged woman. She works closely with EMPRETEC, a UN program to empower women in emerging and developing countries. She is president of the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project Foundation, a philanthropic project which aims to build libraries for children in Africa (cf. Femmes d’Afrique,
January 2014). Therefore one could say Bisila Bokoko is the prototype of a new generation of leaders: “leadership over heels”, in which the woman has a great influence in different spheres of power. We discussed this topic and many other ones with her.Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_1 Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_2 Pages from 20-1-2015 FAM janvier anglais 2015 _Page_3

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