Bisila’s presentation at Liderazgo en Tacones

Last November, Bisila spoke at the Liderazgo en Tacones Seminar in the Dominican Republic.

Watch some of her presentation here!

Liderazco en Tacones (Leadership in High Heels), which was an event in the Dominican Republic about female entrepreneurship and motivation.

Bisila began by quoting Christian Louboutin: “The higher the better. It’s more about attitude. High heels empower women in a way.”

Bisila’s lecture was ‘Links to Generate Global Alliances’. Some of what she spoke of was about making alliances to share your energies. Sometimes one person has the funding, and the other has the ideas, for example. Find the right people for you. What is very important in these relationships is compromise and trust. As an entrepreneur, you will have a team, and you will often have to have trust in each other in order to reach great accomplishments. Small enterprises can become large enterprises, before you even realize. It is key to think towards success as your goal.


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