Bisila at ZiFM Radio Station in Zimbabwe

During Bisila’s trip to Zimbabwe last October, she has seen and done so much, and been interviewed during her stay. At ZiFM, she talked about BBALP (Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project), business and philosophy with Zororo Makamba.

Zororo: ” … So in today’s world, what sort of books should young people should be looking to read?

Bisila: “Well I think, that definitely the classics, you could not miss them. I think that a lot of the philosophy and the things that happen in the world, to understand the world, you need to go back to the classics. So, I think there are certain books that the kids should read and the people should read. And.. Um.. ”

Zororo: “What are some of your favorite books? What are those classics? What comes to mind?”

Bisila: “Well, I love Plato. You know, I think that when you read the Republic of Plato, for example, there is a lot of knowledge in life that is involved in there, and also the mythology is also very important. So, I think philosophy and literature is very important because there are certain messages about life that are hidden in there. It’s hidden knowledge. And, I think nowadays, you talk about the self-help books, I think it’s also very important. Sometimes, I mean, one my favorite books is The Hero or the Magic of the Secret. It’s by the same author, Rhonda Byrne, and I believe that these books are good for the kids to get the self-confidence that they need. So, they are all in our libraries, because, even though, it is the knowledge that most people know, you should believe in yourself, that you should love yourself, that you should grateful about everything that happens in your life. I think that, in Africa, we have a problem to really be self-confident because we have been taken that away through colonization and many issues in the past. So, I think that we are the first ones who really know how great we are, we have to repeat ourselves, how great we are. And I think, these books sometimes help you see yourself in a different way. And everyone should get up in the morning and say how great I am and I could have it all. Because I believe also in the love abundance. Sometimes, we believe that we could not have it all. So, I believe that yes, we could. … ”

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Bisila with Zororo Makamba Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki
Bisila with Zororo Makamba
Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki
Bisila in front of ZiFM radio station. Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki
Bisila in front of ZiFM radio station.
Photo Credits: Nancy Mteki

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