Grand Gala Benefit at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid

Madrid, Spain (14 November 2014) The Rotary Club Madrid Velazquez International District 2201 has a gala benefit this evening at the Hotel Ritz, in which, seamstress and designer Amparo Chorda will be showing the debut collection of Amparo & Bisila. There will also be leather designs by Lina Lavin and jewelry by Yanes.

The Rotary is composed of one million two hundred thousand members, among which you’ll find to neighbors, friends and community leaders, united to drive changes to improve the life in the town itself and the whole world.

Depending on attendance, this will be the determining factor of future collaboration of the Grand Rotary Gala Benefit.

When creating haute couture, Spanish fashion designer Amparo Chorda, knows that skilled needlework and the love of the craft are the only ways to truly capture the feminine form. She also recognizes that clothing goes well beyond the threads and projects an attitude and approach that is essentially the fabric of life.

Together, Amparo and Bisila live and breathe the idea of dressing the real woman of the 21st century. This collection represents the old times of elegance, and is directly approaching the average woman, who attends events and wants to be sophisticated and comfortable in her own body. The key point is intemporal elegance for all.

For more information about Amparo & Bisila, you can contact us via email or telephone.

(Tel) 347-374-8259

Amparo & Bisila

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