The Sunday Mail: Zim plagued by warped perceptions

“Zimbabwe is failing to attract meaningful investment from the West owing to negative perceptions and lack of branding, a New York-based business woman told senior management of various local companies in Harare last week.

Chief executive and founder of the Bisila Bokoko Africa Literacy Project (BBALP) Ms Bisila Bokoko said these problems affected most African countries.

Zimbabwe’s continued failure to market its culture globally is sustaining the warped view of the country as driven by the Western media, she said, pointing out that the United States remain unaware of what investment opportunities abounded here.

“I have been meeting with young people and exchanging ideas and I have learnt a lot about the country now. . . The economic performance might not be good but what matters is the mindset and attitude.”

“What Zimbabwe needs is to tell its story out there; they (investors) do not know about the country and have no view of the continent at all,” Ms Bokoko said in an interview after the meeting hosted by the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoDZ).”

Read more here from The Sunday Mail.

Article by Enacy Mapakame

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