Happy Birthday to Bisila!!

Bisila turns 40 and have been blessed with the love of family and friends. In celebration of her birthday, BBES will be hosting a birthday bash in her name and proceeds will go to BBALP.

On Thursday, July 10th, BBALP and BBES are hosting the celebration of Bisila Bokoko’s 40th birthday at rooftop lounge, Above Allen in New York City.

Celebrate the 40th birthday of Bisila Bokoko! A woman with a heart the size of Africa, she is dedicated to providing books and educational opportunities all over Africa. Revel in African Opulence and honor the rich culture of Africa at the hottest party of the summer at the posh Above Allen rooftop.

All proceeds will go towards the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project to help build two beautiful libraries in Uganda and Zimbabwe.

BBALP’s mission is to promote literacy among the African people building well-equipped, modern and sustainable efficient libraries in with the aim to share the gift of ideas and education in Africa.

Our goal is to build 5 libraries by the end of 2015. We assist the rural poor of Africa by helping create village libraries that are energy and technologically efficient.

“With a book you will never feel alone!” Founder Bisila Bokoko is a person who travels often for work, and she always carry a book with her. Whether she is waiting in an airport, sitting on an airplane, alone in her hotel room, or eating by herself in a restaurant, she is always in good company with a good book.

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