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When she isn’t traveling in Europe or Africa, the Spanish-Guyanese entrepreneur enjoys her days off, New Yorker style: an opera at the Met, pancakes, and trips among family in Central Park and Soho.

It is a norm, in my office, for everyone to leave by 3PM on Friday, including myself, that way I can begin my weekend early. I like taking advantage and I go that same evening to an opera at the Metropolitan or if not, the movie theater where I regularly watch a children’s movie with my kids (she has two – a girl of 11 years and a boy of 8 years). The latest opera I watched at the Met was The Enchanted Island, with Placido Domingo in the role of Neptune. It is incredible. His presence is still very powerful.

On Saturdays and Sundays we get up early, at seven or seven thirty, and we go out for breakfast. Always. It is something sacred. Sometimes for pancakes at IHOP, other times we go to Pastis, or to Crosby Hotel. Afterwards, we ride bikes in Central Park or we travel by foot from neighborhood to neighborhood. It is not rare for us to end in Harlem, although Sundays tend to be days for Soho and the Meatpacking District. We also try to visit museums, overall if the time allows. The children aren’t very enthused about it, but I believe that it is not bad for them to get accustomed to it. The MoMA, the Metropolitan, or the Frick Collection are marvelous places. On Sundays, additionally, I take the opportunity to eat dinner outside, sometimes with the children, sometimes without.

Here in New York, almost nobody has a car, but some weekends we rent one and make trips in the surrounding areas: Boston, Washington, Connecticut… We set course and stay at the first hotel we find.

All of that is when I am not traveling, because practically two weekends a month I am away, sometimes in Europe and other times in Africa. I go to Madrid a lot, and when I do, although it is for motives such as ARCO or Madrid Fashion Week, I take out time to see my friends that I attended CEU San Pablo with. Paris, Amsterdam, and London are other capitals which I regularly visit. In Africa, the countries I visit frequently are Ghana, Rwanda, and Kenya. In each one of these cities I have found my favorite places. One of them, Ngerende Resort, a super tranquil place on the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya in full nature. The hippopotamuses come to give you a good morning.

With so much traveling, airports have finished turning into one of my favorite places to go shopping. When I am in New York, I tend to go to Bloomingdale’s because it is close to home, but I say this seriously: one of the places I buy the most clothes is the airport in Barajas.

Transcribed by Victor Rodriguez
Photograph by Victor Cucart

* Bisila Bokoko (Valencia, 1974) is founder and consultant of BBES International and promoter of the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project.

Published in Fuera de Serie Magazine


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